On “Good Men” and Forgiveness

For a very long time, and I’m struggling with this still, I thought there really was no such thing as “good men.” I KNOW this is (probably) wrong, logically. I know several men who are awesome people, which completely disproves my own opinion. I always approach new men as default-bad because Continue reading

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Impostor syndrome

I’m seeing now that I used to be a super confident person.  I was a queen.  People tried to take advantage, they tried to manipulate me to get what they wanted, but I set the rules and rarely bowed to pressure.  I STILL feel most confident and comfortable in my Continue reading

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I Quit.

I’ve resigned as a taxi driver.  After 14-ish years, I didn’t ask for a long leave of absence, I quit. Continue reading

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I had a couple in my cab this past Friday that were the exact same amount of comic-movie style wobbly drunk.  They swayed back and forth, saving themselves from falling at just the last moment and avoiding missteps with complete obliviousness.

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Sharing an article

Someone wrote poetically of the Psychic Mosaic cab driving creates in a person’s being. 

I have a short bit I want to share from a shift I worked last week, I’ll get to it tonight or tomorrow.  It’s not as poetic.

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