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On “Good Men” and Forgiveness

For a very long time, and I’m struggling with this still, I thought there really was no such thing as “good men.” I KNOW this is (probably) wrong, logically. I know several men who are awesome people, which completely disproves … Continue reading

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Hybrid post

My mother had a saying.  “Creating your own bad luck.”  It was when something really shitty happened to someone, but that someone had set the scene perfectly for that shitty thing to destroy them.  Like drinking 3-4 cocktails and

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Balance of power

Saturday I was flirting with someone through text between calls.  It was very healthy flirting, where we were both energetic about it and it didn’t feel like work.  I didn’t cringe at anything he said, and he seemed

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“Would you like a hard one?”

People surprise me all the time.  This past weekend was mild but I was PMSing, so I was a little more irritable than normal…

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“Are these seats heated?”

I’m seeing a continuing trend of people who don’t need to apologize for anything apologizing for things… and over-tipping.  This is so backwards.

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