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“Dick is abundant and low value.”

“Dick is abundant and low value.” Seriously.  It is.  And this Dickonomics article is a wonderful read. My Tinder journey started with me downloading the app as a confidence booster.  I had just been cut off from a married man … Continue reading

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Do you even, Bro?

One fairly recent Tinder experience I had was something I have a lot of mixed feelings about.  A younger dude matched with me one night, and he was driving home to a different state the next morning.  He was probably … Continue reading

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Introduction For My Online Dating

I’m a busy lady, kinda.  I work 3-4 days per week, but those days are usually 12 hour shifts.  The days I have off are crammed with one-on-one or small group gatherings with friends I can’t usually get time with … Continue reading

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