Yellow and Blackmail: Stories from my Checkered Past

I’ve been driving cab off and on since 2002 in Madison, Wisconsin.  They don’t call it Madtown for nothing.

One of my most-asked questions from passengers: “What’s your most interesting story?!”

I think that’s relative, don’t you?  I’ll just tell all of them and you can figure it out yourself.


Just an FYI:  I started this blog on April 9th, 2013.  All entries dated before that were transfered over from a personal blog that I haven’t made public.  I’m still in the middle of the transfer process, one entry at a time.  They need proofreading and editing, please bear with me. There will be some stories I remember but haven’t written down, so some entries from here on out won’t be post-dated, but will be set in the past.  I’ll put some disclaimers on them about their accuracy due to memory corrosion.

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