Nice people rock.

Last Thursday night, June 8th, you gave my 14 year old son a ride from Fitchburg to the far west side. The ungrateful jerk didn’t think to tip you, as I’ve taught him, so I’m sorry you had to wait this long for some cash.”

Customer leaves a sealed envelope with this signed note and a $10 bill in the dispatch office for me. His son was actually very pleasant but i didn’t mind so much that he didn’t tip, he was only 14.

Getting the note was freaking amazing, though!

Another fun story:

I had cab #69 on Thursday night. Two people get in and start makin’ out immediately in the back seat, and I let them know which cab they were in- “The Shaggin’ Wagon,” and they giggled. Down the road some rustling happens and I am thinking maybe they’re starting some heavy petting. Then I hear another giggle out of the girl and she exclaims “You kissed my eyeball!”


“Mmmm tastes like eyeball” says her boyfriend.

Later, at the end of the ride as she’s getting out of the cab, “You should really get a different job. It just seems like this is a guy’s job and I’m just looking out for you.”  Thanks for the heads up!  This last line got under my skin.

About yellowandblackmail

I pick people up and take them where they want to go.
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