Sentence fragment for a band name!

I had more famous people in my cab tonight!

I’ve never heard of this band (and I felt bad for telling them this), but I had two members of this band in my cab today… TWICE! They’ll be performing tomorrow at the Memorial Union at around 9pm and they said they’d put me on the guest list if I want to attend. I’ve heard that line before so I’ll show up prepared to pay. I decided to take tomorrow off because it was dead slow tonight and i don’t expect it to pick up until Thursday and Friday for the film festival. They were nice people, they seem older (maybe 35-40) and less douchey than people who get famous at an early age.

I checked the songs on their website and it’s a kookie sorta rock and not a pop-rock, so I expect to enjoy the show. I’m willing to give them my money because they were nice, decent tippers, and not full of themselves. They were even interested in what the BBC had to say in the News Hour on WORT about Zimbabwe!

Later I had an old man with open pants in my cab. He said his zipper was broken, and that he was sorry to offend. The least he could do was wear underwear, though… I gave him a ride anyway since he was a regular and obviously not trying to be solicitous. I trust my experience enough to know that he was just in too much pain and too old to get himself another pair of pants or remember other people could actually see his wiener (without wanting to). I never want to be in that state where I am oblivious to my effect on the people around me.

ps: I love how I’m never really resentful of going to work. I’ll say “aw!  I have to go to work,” but once I get there it’s not so bad at all. Once in awhile when the roads are a mess of snow or it’s Halloween night or something it’s hard to deal with, but it’s never a regular occurrence.

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