Do you think I’m some sort of country bumpkin?

Madison feels like a small town.  Last night I went to the bar with a few co-workers. One bought me a beer because I was kinda low on dough. The band that was playing had another co-worker as the lead singer. There were several familiar faces, but I only knew a few by name… and Lauren. Two weeks ago Lauren was getting a cab ride home from me and her credit card was declined. She was a regular rider so I bit it and just paid for it myself. I held onto her driver’s license so she would come into the office and pay me back, but she never did. I found out she’s been doing the same thing to a couple other drivers. I was unsure if they had gotten collateral from her… not that it helped.

I say “HI!!! I want you to come meet some of my friends!” She was a little confused. I brought her to my co-workers “You owe me money!” I say with a smile. She stammered and I explained that I was one of her taxi drivers. She said that she was sorry she hadn’t got to the office to pay me, but her grandfather had died.

She tried to say she didn’t have the money, and I said “That’s what you said in my cab.” I held out my hand, “Eight Dollars.” She fumbled a little, gave me a ten, and said sorry. I let her know I would deliver her license to her mailbox soon, but she said she’d just go into the office and get it herself. I’m pretty sure she won’t and that she ordered one already from the DMV. I called the office this morning to let them know she paid up and not to withhold her license if she did come in to claim it.

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I pick people up and take them where they want to go.
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