Full Circle

So over a year ago, this girl was in my cab on an account for school. She had just returned from a vacation in Mexico, and all she had to tip me was 100 pesos, in a bill. I didn’t expect her to tip at all considering she was on an account, and people riding on an account that isn’t their own tend to not tip.

I carry this 100 peso bill in my wallet for several months, and learn that one of my friends makes yearly trips to Mexico in the summers. I gave her the bill (it’s about $10 US) and told her she’d find more use with it than I ever would.

Yesterday I see her again, she’s beaming because she’s just returned from spending that money in Mexico. She tells me that when she got there, it was randomly “El Dias de Taxistas”… TAXI DRIVER DAY! Apparently the taxi drivers of the city had decked out and decorated all their cabs and the whole city was very noisy from them honking their horns in celebration. She said she spent the money that day. She also said she bought me a poster from the celebration and sent it to the US in a tube thingie, but it hadn’t arrived. She thinks it was lost.  ;(

But what the hell! That peso bill started in my cab and ended in a celebration of cabs! WAHOO!

About yellowandblackmail

I pick people up and take them where they want to go.
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