Old white men

So the cab I picked up tonight was left less-than-clean, but not a pig sty. There was a paper left on the passenger’s seat and a paper left between the driver’s seat and the middle compartment. I hate that someone ALWAYS leaves their paper there, but it’s not a big deal to stop by the recycle bin and throw it out while cursing their inconsiderateness.

Today it paid off! There was a dollar mixed up in the newspaper! I was so excited that I yelled “WAHOO I FOUND A DOLLAR!!!” in the parking lot while waving it around. This caught the attention of three of our drivers, two of which were engrossed in a curmudgeonly debate about something. They had been talking for at least 20 minutes. The older man came over and wanted to talk about it.

“Where did you find it?”
“Mixed in with the newspaper I had to clean up,” I said, realising he was the previous driver for the cab.
“Oh, I guess you can have it,” he says.
“Oh, I’m keeping it. I earned it with how I had to clean up the newspapers.”
“I didn’t leave many, did I?”
“One on the passenger seat and one between the seat and the compartment.”
“Oh, you can have that dollar.”

It bothers me he thinks it was still his property and he was using his benevolence to let me have something he didn’t want anyway. I should have said so. I did make it clear that he put me out by making me clean up his mess, though. Small victories.

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