Eating like a cab driver | Food & Drink Feature | Chicago Reader

Eating like a cab driver | Food & Drink Feature | Chicago Reader.

It sucks when you work late in a small enough city that all the health(ier) choices have closed by 10pm.  A few of our drivers take the time to stop by their house and decompress for an hour, have dinner, and prepare themselves for bartime.  I sometimes stop by a nice deli or grocery store earlier in the day and have a sandwich and fruit waiting for me when I get hungry.

My work bag always has a KIND bar in it, sometimes an Uberbar, I’ll bring a banana or tangerine (pre-peeled) from home, and I will try to stop myself from stopping at Greenbush Bakery for a donut… but that has a 50% success rate.  Greenbush is open until about 2am every Friday and Saturday night, and on top of that they’re the best donuts I’ve ever had.

I’m with Tunde (from the above article), though.  I dig Chipotle’s burrito bowls.

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