Becky the Bitch Banger

If I were currently playing a video game, this would be my new name of my avatar.  Next time I get handed a name-tag for anything, no matter how formal the event, I might have to write this.

Awhile ago Wisconsin got on board the Gay Marriage train.  Last night I was a hired driver to shuttle people from a reception (at a hotel) to an after-party (at a local gay dance club) for two hours.  Early in the shuttling I was told that the grooms had lined up on the day that the same-sex marriage ban was over-turned (June 6th, 2014) and got themselves hitched. Last night’s party was the big family and friends formal celebration.  I even got to take one of the moms to the dance club!

At the very end of the evening I had the two flushed and happy grooms and one of their very intoxicated friends.  Immediately when the friend got in he said, “Why aren’t you banging bitches?!  You should be banging bitches!”

“I have to work,” I say, with a frown in my voice.
“You should totally be banging bitches!”
“Well, I am Becky the Bitch Banger,” I reply.

There was some really nice, tired laughter, and then the drunk friend went straight to sleep on the 5 minute ride back to the hotel.

There was a load of weddings yesterday.  Counting this guy, I probably had about 10 people fall asleep (under the watchful eyes of friends) in my cab.  Maybe 5 of them were children under the age of 8.  There didn’t seem to be much trouble, people were well behaved, and nothing too exciting happened.  I wish all nights could be this tempered.

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