I Don’t Want To Know.

I had these people in my cab from Penn State on Friday, in town for the home football game here in Madison on Saturday. They were nice enough but when we stopped for them to get a snack at the gas station the two in the back were so drunk that they make a HUGE mess of the back seat. The guy in the front was paying, and I told him if he didn’t get it cleaned up, I’d charge a cleaning fee. He cleaned it up, smiled, tipped, said thank you, all while trying to juggle two drunk older guys who were giving him a hard time.

The next day (Saturday) after the football game, I somehow get the same people in my cab. They were more sober and apologetic. It was refreshing. But one of them, comically, smelt like vomit because a girl at the bar threw up on his jacket. It was fun teasing him all the way home. On arrival at their hotel, they tip me $13… which was AWESOME. One of the dollar bills they handed me had George’s eyes marked over and said “I Don’t Want To Know”. I flipped out.

Four years ago, or maybe even five, a friend took me to the Weary Traveler and we ran into an artist who drew on dollar bills. I got three signed. Over the course of the next year I got really poor and ended up spending those dollars. One of the bills was the dollar that the drunk Penn State fan gave me.

Madison continues to blow my mind with crazy coincidences.

About yellowandblackmail

I pick people up and take them where they want to go.
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