Bearly Music

I had this dude in my cab last night:

I guess he’s famous, he seemed disappointed I hadn’t heard of him but we attributed that to me not ever listening to country music. He tipped $15, was very nice, and talked about how nervous he was about his impending fatherhood. He even wrote on my credit card receipt that I was “Nice and fun!”, then signed it. He’s in town for a St Jude benefit concert for the local country station.

Our local volunteer radio station is great, WORT. I listen to a lot of BBC and Democracy Now, and I even leave it on during its Mexican programming, even though I find most Mexican Announcers very brash, fanfare-ish, and jarring. Yesterday there was a story about a beekeeper who was being terrorized and invaded by a bear. To drive off the bear, he blared techno music. It worked out well, keeping the bear away from his hives, until his generator used up all its stores of power. The bear came back and wrecked havoc.

This man sued the bear. And he won. Since the bear belongs to no one and is an endangered species the State pays for damages… and I guess the man goes back to blasting techno.

I think I heard this on BBC, but I thought it was a great add story amongst all the news on Obama/Clinton and Iran. The stories about lost bank account information in England was interesting, though.

I get most of my news this way and from people in my cab who tell me only half the story, or embellishments. It’s kinda fun, though, to hear something from one person, then ask the next about it and get a completely different story from them. Next time I get goofy news from passengers, I’ll remember to write down notes and pass them along here.

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