Diminishing Returns

I’ve been working more hours and picking up shifts in an effort to be prepared for having to shoulder full rent on april 15th while continuing the search for a roommate. I also need to get caught up on a couple of bills I let fall behind when I was gone in England. I find the more I work, the less I have the motivation to work. I slack off a little more, rationalizing that I deserve a little rest here and there. Working on commission, this is very bad. I also find I spend more tip money on lunch/dinner/snack/coffees, rationalizing that I’m still making more by picking up these shifts, and the rewards motivate me.

Regardless, it’s making my time worth less and that sucks. But I do like to reward myself, that’s for sure. I think tonight I might get donuts from the Greenbush Bakery or a nice sandwich from Mildred’s for dinner.

I picked up a shift last night, like a lot of people did. It was St Patrick’s Day and it was a total flop. Barely anyone went out to drink last night and the fact that we had so many cabs on the road made it ten times worse for everyone. A lot of people got to go home early but I got assigned a call going to a different city. The call ran about $50, I got a $10 tip, and it saved my night. However, this couple had sex in my taxi cab.

Kinda strange, seeing as the man was probably 50, and the woman around 45 and a knock out. It almost seemed like she was a divorced trophy wife looking for a good time. Towards the end of the ride she breathed heavily into my ear “You’re a good girl.” It was pretty off-the-wall.

About yellowandblackmail

I pick people up and take them where they want to go.
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