Rough day

Work was total shit. It snowed today, the roads were icy at best, and passengers were cheap and intolerant. I actually had a woman in my cab start blabbing about how awful prop 8 was and how she doesn’t want her child in any school that teaches about “Mom and Mom” and “Dad and Dad” so she moved to Las Vegas instead of Fresno. THEN she turns to ME (the female cab driver with short hair and tomboy clothes) and asks “You aren’t gay are you?” I gave her the non-answer of a foul grimace and she quickly changed the subject. I hope I made her feel uncomfortable and guilty, even if i’m not gay. She should know better than to run her mouth like that, and I hope her daughter becomes a better woman than her mother.

I shouldn’t take tomorrow off, but I’m tempted. I could use a nice long bath and time with my cats. … Even though last week I barely worked at all.

About yellowandblackmail

I pick people up and take them where they want to go.
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