Weather emergency

First full working day back in Madison after my California vacation… until a citywide weather emergency is declared and our company CLOSES (we’re 24/7 everyday of the year). It’s funny to hear the dispatcher call over the air: “All drivers pull over safely and wait for further instructions.” So what do I do? I head straight for my friend and co-worker’s house to pick her up and get some beer.  I wasn’t far away.

There is no stopping. Only sliding! At one point I was passing some pedestrians that wanted to walk in front of me… and even though I was going 3 miles an hour they were risking their lives. I rolled down the window and stuck my head out yelling “GET OUT OF THE WAY I CAN’T STOP!!!”

No pedestrians were harmed on this beer run.

About yellowandblackmail

I pick people up and take them where they want to go.
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