Old Lady Syndrome

I threw my fucking back out on Friday by sitting in a minivan (Cab #51). I can’t believe we’ve got several drivers working for us that refuse to take anything OTHER than minivans because of “back issues”. I’m fairly sure it’s just because old people and people in wheelchairs don’t like minivans, and the minivan drivers don’t like taking those people, so this is a convenient way for them to avoid those calls. Not to mention 6 drunk people in a minivan tend to overpay, and split-loading out of the airport is more profitable if you can fit more people in the car.

Okay so the “old lady syndrome” here is my back going out AND my bitching about everything that doesn’t really matter and isn’t my business.

Anyway, back to my back. Friday I switched into a prius 2-3 hours before the end of my shift because I couldn’t deal with the minivan anymore. The moment I sat down in the minivan I felt a twinge in my back and it just got worse for the next 4 hours. It got to the point where I tried to walk it off but after 10 minutes I still couldn’t step up a curb without holding my knees in pain. I went to bed that night in pain, woke up 45 minutes after trying to sleep it off, took a muscle relaxer, and then spent the next 8-9 hours trying to get comfortable. Matt (my husband) says I was flailing everywhere.  To roll over, I had to move my body differently or my lower back would seize up.

I took the day off work Saturday and ate extra-strength hydrocodone. I REALLY didn’t want to take the day off because Saturdays are good money and I booked shitty in my shifts that week, but I couldn’t work with my back the way it was and with the head cold I’m dealing with.

Yesterday (Sunday) I worked, even though I was still in pain and dealing with congestion. The prius’ seat was actually good for my back and I didn’t suffer too much with people’s luggage. Lift with legs, etc. The night’s sleep was still a struggle, though. Rolling over is still an issue and I woke this morning very stiff (again) and sore.

I was thinking that the noon yoga class at my gym would help, but decided against it since I can’t lean over to touch my toes without hurting a lot. I thought I would just go and use the elliptical instead, but after my shower I realized my head-cold is still gross enough that I don’t want to mouth-breathe all over all the people and equipment while I exert myself. I’m going for a long walk after I post this instead, probably round trip to the Willy Coop, about 3 miles. Then I will try to stretch my shit.

I took my 3 mile walk, it took me 1 hour. Within the first leg of the round trip, cab #51 passed me by twice. Fuck you #51. Fuck you.

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