Broom Street

It’s been pretty cold in Madison and people are getting a little upset that Spring hasn’t sprung.  I think it might be affecting people’s moods and interactions.

Downtown, in the middle of a student apartment neighborhood, some students decided it’d be a good idea to open a full recycling bin and start throwing the glass bottles into the street.  They decided on a one-way main artery of traffic during bar-time.

The police in Madison are very alert.  Every other weekend I see someone pulled over going the wrong way down University.  It only takes a few seconds to correct yourself when you do something like this, but the Madison Police are always watching and catch drunk drivers more often than not.

Anyway, the Madison Police drive up and catch the idiots smashing glass into the street.  They nab two dudes and make a deal:  No jail if you sweep up your mess.  Several of our drivers came across the scene of two embarassed bros sweeping up loads of broken glass with brooms on Broom Street, and then laughed about it all night after we checked in.  “Brooms on Broom Street!  HAH!”

I imagine the students forced to clean were from the East or West Coast and they never imagined that if they were caught there might be consequences beyond a fine.

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