High Speed Chase

This guy nearly hit me during his spree downtown.  I was driving up a ramp to get onto University Avenue and all of a sudden there was a huge pick-up truck in my rear view mad-dogging me.  I pulled over as much as I could in my little Prius and he sped by me, coming within two inches of the side of my car.  

As he passed I could smell the abuse that his tires had taken.  There wasn’t anyone following him and I was wondering what the hell he was driving like that for.  As he zoomed up to the intersection that we were approaching, he had to slam on his brakes to prevent himself from rear-ending someone at the stop light.  His tires squealed a little bit.  I saw a cop in the right turn lane of the intersecting street and within my little car I pointed and yelled “GET HIM!  He’s a total dick!  YOU WANT TO GET THAT GUY!”

The cop must have heard me because when the light turned green and the truck zoomed up the street the cop was driving away from, the cop flipped their lights and U-turned to chase.

I pulled over for a break and dinner to relax a little, but found out when I returned to work that this truck had made it downtown and hit a different one of our Prius.  All the safety equipment within the Prius went off and our driver walked away with only aches and bruises, thank goodness!  It gave me a little more faith in these little cars.

The kid driving the truck has been found.  I hope he eventually understands he put a lot of lives at risk and we’re all lucky as hell no one downtown got hurt.

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I pick people up and take them where they want to go.
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