Down with the sickness

I had 3 nice guys out of the Kollege Klub last night (rarely are dudes out of the KK gentlemen), and one was pretty green.  I gave him the “please warn me if you need me to pull over, anything inside the cab is a $50 cleaning fee” speech.  He was very understanding. His friend in the front seat was adorable.  They were all young men in town recruited by Epic, around 25 years old.

Apparently the green boy’s yarmulke was stolen off his head at the KK. I wasn’t surprised that happened, I was surprised these three guys were there in the first place.  They shoulda been at Genna’s or something, where young professionals hang out.  The KK is more of an undergrad establishment.

Anyway, three times during this ride to the west side I had to pull over for GreenBoy to get sick.  Each time he gave me adequate warning for him to clear the car before starting.  The second time he was in someone’s front lawn.  I felt a little awkward about that, but he did it himself.

Each time he got back in the car, apologised emphatically as I gave him napkins, and seemed relatively well enough that I didn’t think he would need to stop again.  Hah!  The joke was on me!

The third time we were near a big intersection.  Front seat dude was rubbing GreenBoy’s back and being endearingly affectionate while he was emptying his stomach, but I couldn’t tell if he was actually gay or just a super nice and affectionate boy.  It sucks that boys can’t be affectionate with one another and care for each other well without their sexuality coming into question.  Front seat dude was talking about wanting to date some Lauren chick throughout the ride, though.

Anyway, during my thinking of all this, another gentleman stopped his nice Cadillac at 2am in front of me to make sure I was okay and there was no funny business going on, like a robbery or something.  I do this sometimes with other cabs and it made me feel really good that someone would do this for me.

This whole ride made me feel good about humanity.

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